COM Express Carrier Board Solutions

COM Express Carrier Board Solutionspdf-sm-iconArticle by Earle Foster
(Reprinted from Military Embedded Systems, October 2011)

Military system designers often struggle with finding COTS technologies that can meet critical application requirements. Custom designs almost always offer the best opportunity to create an optimized design, but time to market and design costs can be prohibitive. A hybrid architecture using a Computer on Module (COM) for the core processing functionality with a custom carrier board for application specific I/O can offer the best of both worlds. This approach eliminates the time and risk associated with a custom processor design while the less complex carrier board provides the advantages of a purpose-built design.

A COM Express module and custom carrier board provide the advantages of custom solutions with the convenience of COTS. Read more about design flexibility, reliability improvements and design control advantages of a COM Express carrier board design. Download the PDF file below.


Defense Tech Briefs ACC-188 Article

9065-PSC-5Dpdf-sm-iconArticle by Earle Foster
(Reprinted from Defense Tech Briefs, February 2010)

The ACC-188 USB synchronous serial radio adapter (Item# 9065) and free software from DISA enables tactical radios with the capability to transmit and receive IP data such as email, text messages, GPS maps, images, coordinates, and other communications. The system is nonproprietary and MIL-STD-188-184 compliant, allowing for interoperability with various radios without multiple connections or additional equipment.

Learn how warfighters can benefit greatly from having fully interoperable radio IP-based data communications at the theater level in our "USB to Synchronous Cable Enables IP Data Communications for Tactical Radios" White Paper. Download the PDF file below.



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