In order to design manufacture and integrate electronic systems, EPS is proud of our strong engineering and operations backbone.
Among our proven capabilities are:

Experience design & engineering team

System Engineering:

  • System architecture Hardware, software, testability
  • Environmental and regulatory considerations.
  • Technical specifications.
  • Design to cost.
System Engineering

Structured Project Management, Design and production processes:

  • System engineering leading project management processes.
  • Controlled Design and Development procedures (PDR, CDR, PRR etc).
  • Controlled Specifications and documentation.
  • Conducting required analysis.
  • Testing and approval procedures – as POD, ATP, FAI
  • Validation QTP processes – executed at certified Environmental, and EMC laboratories.
Structured Project Management, Design and production processes

Hardware and board design:

  • Carrier boards for COM-Express.
  • Controllers & MCU's : Various processor types, various BUS topologies and hardware standards - PC, VME, CPCI, aTCA, mTCA, COM Express, Q7, VPX etc. Various form factors - Motherboard, Euro standard 3U, 6U, PMC mezzanine, custom size etc.
  • Communications hardware and protocol (Ethernet, G-Ethernet, USB, Serial RS422, RS485, RS323, Switching & routing)
  • I/O and Management.
  • High speed Digital circuits.
  • Analog & Audio.
  • Power supply circuits.
  • Backplane design - Standard Bus and custom.
Hardware and board design

Software Development:

  • BSP for Windows & Linux
  • Applications for various operating systems & embedded operating systems.
  • Real time applications for various CPU's & MCU's
Software Development

Automated testers:

  • Custom test systems, Jigs and adaptors.
  • Comprehensive test software and test simulators.
  • Test Database management.
Automated testers

Electrical design:

  • Electrical internal wiring and harness design.
  • Chios of Electrical system components – Power supplies, electro mechanical components etc.
  • Component engineering.
  • Production tree definition.
  • Production support, PRR (production readiness reviews) etc.
Electrical design

Mechanical design:

  • Rugged design for conduction and convection cooling.
  • Cabinet, chassis & card-cage designs (per telecom or rugged standards).
  • Indoor or outdoor housing.
  • Interior Shelter design
Electrical design

Practical knowledge and experience in implementing Military and industrial specifications to system design:

  • Mil STD 810D/E/F, Mil STD 461, Mil STD 704, Mil STD 1275 etc..
  • FCC class A Class B.
  • Medical standards.
  •  UL safety regulations.
Practical knowledge and experience in implementing Military and industrial specifications to system design

Analysis processes, reliability calculations, and Qualification testing at certified laboratories:

  • Thermal analysis.
  • Dynamic stress analysis.
  • EMC prediction.
  • MTBF calculations and reliability predictions.
  • Environment and EMC Qualification Test plans.
  • Conduction preliminary engineering ESS tests.
  • Accompanying qualification testing at certified laboratories.
Analysis processes, reliability calculations, and Qualification testing at certified laboratories

FAE support (field application engineering):

  • Full support for embedded hardware and software integration.
  • Hardware setup and configurations.
  • Embedded operation system building, and BIOS support.
FAE support

Archive and Documentation:

  • Engineering and Production Documentation control.
  • Product tree and production files preparation and management.
  • ECR and ECO process management.
Archive and Documentation

Technical sales and Customer support department:

  • Professional and technical sales force offering Presale, ongoing and after sale support.
  • On site FAI technical team.
  • Sales secretary team, performing continues follow up on sales activity and personally striving to maximize customer's satisfaction.
  • RMA and upgrade service department.
 Technical sales and Customer support department

Operations & logistics:

  • Production floor fully equipped for assembly and final test of electronic boards & systems.
  • Computerized production files, and on-line production archives.
  • Conducting ESS testing (oven thermal cycles, and vibration testing)
  • In house mechanical workshop – CNC milling centers, production of test and assembly Jigs, secondary mechanical assembly operations.
  • EMI/RFI department – Automated dispensing of conductive elastomeric gaskets – "form in place technology" offering unique EMI/RFI protection solutions.
  • Material planning department.
  • Purchasing department handling local and international purchase of components, materials, and sub-contractor services.
  • Warehouse, material handling, and shipping department.

 Operations & logisticsOperations & logistics

Quality assurance and inspection:

  • In coming, In line and final inspection.
  • Reliability and MTBF calculations.
  • Ongoing monitoring and approval of qualification and validation testing.
  • Maintain ISO procedures and external certification agency audits.
  • Conducting internal audits, accompanying customer's audits, FAI procedures and defense customer's source inspections.
  • Conduction failure analysis and implementing Corrective and preventative actions.


 Quality assurance and inspectionQuality assurance and inspection


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