EPS Technologies Designs and manufactures custom hardware in a broad range of technologies for the industrial and defence markets. Custom hardware is typically developed to complete a functional requirement for a system solution, or as a standalone project.

System Engineering:

  • Designed and built to spec.
  • Definition of hardware based on System level considerations.
  • Practical approach to design.
  • Use of existing hardware "building blocks".
  • Complementary software development.
  • Environmental and regulatory considerations.
  • Testability and Test Jig design.
  • Design with Time to market goals
  • Design to cost.

Design experience in the following fields:

  • High speed digital circuits.
  • Communication hardware and protocols.
  • Audio circuits.
  • Analog I/O.
  • Carrier boards.
  • Power supply & filter circuits.
  • Backplane design.



Qualification and verification:

  • Qualification processes.
  • Environmental & EMC testing.
  • Acceptance test & procedures
  • ESS screening.



Project Management:

  • Project manager assigned to each project.
  • Structured project management.
  • Formal design reviews.


SRMA board 2

Engineering documentation and Revision Control:

  • Structured engineering documentation.
  • Managed engineering archives
  • Formal ECR/ECO's processes


MCPU Carrier 2

Operations and Q.A

  • Managed material procurement processes.
  • Managed production & test processes.
  • Managed Quality control processes.
  • Managed Production documentation archives.


EPS-PCM-B-xx 1


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