COTS System level

System products are offered as standard or modified standard systems from OEM principles represented, or as standard systems produced by EPS systems division.

As a system developer for many complex systems, EPS provides full technical support in the definition and selection process of COTS system level products. We will offer the most cost effective solution to our customers, using off the shelf products, or customizing standard products to specific needs.
Among the COTS System products that we offer are:

  • PC systems, Servers – Industrial or Rugged/Mil-STD.
  • Embedded PC systems - Panel PC, POS, Network security, Digital Signage, In-Vehicle, Fanless.
  • Switch systems (19", table top) - Industrial or Rugged standards.
  • Control systems – Industrial or Rugged.
  • Portable workstations.
  • Chassis products – VPX, CPCI, VME, mTCA, aTCA

Technical Sales
Our technical sales, and our field Application Engineering team offer full Pre sale and after sale support in all of the technical aspects of choosing, testing and integrating the right system product to suit your needs!

Modifications to COTS products
As a professional VAR we maintain close technical relationships with our partners, and in many cases provide various modifications or customized versions to standard products that appear in our principles catalog.

Local Added value services
EPS performs in house Added value services to standard COTS products on a regular basis – such as loading custom BIOS versions to boards, Sub assembly of processors and storage device to SBC's, Manufacturing and replacing custom versions of front panels, ruggedizing COTS industrial products to adapt to harsh environment, etc. please consult with our sales for any special requests.

In house diagnostics/repair
Our integration Department offer initial diagnostics and in some cases repair services (coordinated with our principles) for COTS System  products, thus in many cases save time and cost of shipping product overseas to be serviced.

Sales Support
Our Internal Sales support team offers full logistic, RMA, and follow-up services, and are eager to serve!


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