COTS system-products

COTS - Board Level

EPS are a professional VAR - Value Added Reseller, representing a diversified group of OEM manufactures that produce Key building blocks for embedded systems. (Disti)
As a system developer for many complex systems, EPS integrates on a daily basis many COTS building blocks from OEM principles that we represent. This enables us to provide the highest level of "hands on" support to our customers.

COTS - System Level

System products are offered as standard or modified standard systems from OEM principles represented, or as standard systems produced by EPS systems division.
As a system developer for many complex systems, EPS provides full technical support in the definition and selection process of COTS system level products. We will offer the most cost effective solution to our customers...

custom-hardware EMI-RFI

Custom Hardware

EPS Technologies designs and manufactures custom hardware in a broad range of technologies for the industrial and defense markets.
EPS custom boards and modules cover various disciplines- such as electronics, logic & FPGA, firmware, real-time embedded software, operational APIs , as well mechanical and thermal solutions.


EPS offers special shielding solutions through our in house facility dispensing conductive gaskets utilizing "form in place" technology.
"Form-in-Place" technology ...



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