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EPS Technologies is a designer and provider of advanced embedded electronic systems for the defense and industrial markets. 
EPS combines it's VAR (Value Added Reseller) infrastructure of electronic hardware, with its comprehensive system level design, board level design, and production capabilities to provide cost and performance optimized solutions. 
To cope with the ever challenging mission of designing, manufacturing and long term supporting of its rugged and industrial products, EPS Technologies has developed and incorporated a range of the necessary skills, practices and capabilities.

System Engineering:

  • Our highly experienced system engineering group analyzes, defines and overlooks the entire system definition, implementation, verification and manufacturing process of all the design to spec projects.


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System Definition:

  • Although system specifications are defined by the customer, our team in many cases assists with the definition and adaption of the technical specifications towards practical operational needs.
    All aspects of the required system are carefully examined and a number of solutions will typically be proposed based upon various hardware or software technologies, environmental and certification requirements, time to market, and cost considerations.


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Technical approach:

  • System solutions may be based on Propriety designed hardware, COTS hardware from leading embedded OEM manufacturers, Modification of existing hardware, or any cost effective combination of these alternatives. (See EPS products)(See EPS Capabilities)


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  • EPS Technologies has incorporated all the various design, development and engineering capabilities to enable comprehensive realization of design to spec projects with a diverse range of complexity.



Mechanical Design and Industry standards based design:

  • Our team of Mechanical designers has wide experience in custom mechanical design to meet packaging challenges fitting to into environmental, size, interface, and weight requirements.
    As part of the design process EPS supports Thermal and Dynamic simulations, and as well professional EMC design and consultancy as needed.
    Beyond custom packaging design, EPS has developed many industry standards based systems – among them PC, VME, CPCI, VPX that comply with standards based dimensions and specifications for system BUS and hardware topologies. These systems comply to industrial/Telecom standards or Rugged standards – such as ATR chassis.



Hardware design:

  • Our team of Hardware designers has experience with various board level designs among them cPCI & High Speed PCI-express Backplanes, COM-Express based SBC boards and Custom Carriers, High Sped Ethernet and PCI-express switching, implantation of microcontrollers CPLD and FPGA design, Audio circuits, High Speed Communication, Analog circuits, A2D, D2A sophisticated High Current switching , In -rush management and Power Supply circuits.



Software design:

  • Our Software team provides a broad range of software development services among them real time microcontrollers, customizing BSPs and embedded operating systems, developing functional APIs for the EPS designed boards, software for Automated Testers (ATE) and specialized test devices.



Testing and Qualification:

  • In order to ensure qualified production, our system engineering group defines and develops, in conjunction with the Quality Assurance Officers, a comprehensive set of In-Process, Acceptance, Verification and Qualification test procedures tailored to each specific product and the required Environmental and EMC specifications.
    Our test department develops variety of hardware test jigs, software test programs and eventually automated testers to support the defined test procedures at the subcomponent and system levels.
    EPS has in-house Environmental Screening facilities to perform full scale ESS as part of the production process.
    EPS conducts Formal Qualification testing at certified Environmental and EMC test laboratories.



Project Management:

  • Every program undergoes a structured project management process led by a project manager assigned to the project.
    Projects are taken through all of the formal milestones such as:
    Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews (PDR, CDR), Prototype Production, Validation and Qualification testing (POD, Quall), Production Readiness Review (PRR), and First Article Inspection (FAI).

Documentation and Revision Control:

  • All of the Engineering Documentation throughout the development and production processes is fully managed and controlled by our documentation control department and stored the relative engineering archives.
    Engineering Change Requests and Orders ECR/ECOs are preformed and managed within our information system monitored by the documentation control department.



Operations and Q.A:

  • Our dedicated operations department diligently manages the production cycle – from material procurement & management, planning, through board/system assembly, integration, and ESS testing.
    Production files are fully computerized and presented electronically on the production floor. Assembly processes are signed off in the computer system, while production documentation is logged and kept in the production archives.
    Our Quality Assurance team performs the incoming inspection, in process control as well as final release of the product and documentation management.




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