METZADA Rugged Field Mission Control Computer


The Metzada system - architected, designed and manufactured by EPS, is a rugged and sealed dual CPU computer equipped with an up-folding 17” high quality sun-readable display. The unit is designed for standalone outdoor operation mounted on complimentary tripod, free standing on built-in folding legs, or operated within vehicles. The system is approved for Ground Mobile environmental conditions complying with Mil-Std-810, Mil-Std-461 and Mil-Std-1275.

The Metzada comprises 2 MCPU (EPS Intel Ivy-Bridge® COM-Express based SBC board) interconnected by on-board Ethernet switch, a filtered power supply, dedicated slots for customer defined Radio or Wireless modem and an Audio handling board. The unit is equipped with front panel accessed user interfaces - including USB pointing device, secured dongle, operation switches and indicators. At the rear side D38999 connectors are provided for the Ethernet, USB, Serial ports and an N type Antenna connector.


Main Features:

  • Milled rugged, sealed aluminum body and folding display
  • Harsh environment -30°C + 50°C
  • Integrated 17” Rugged sun readable display, with multiple locking positions.
  • 2 Independent internal computers.
  • Radio Modem & Audio circuits.
  • Filtered power inputs
  • Multiple mounting options: Built-in folding legs, Tripod, and In-vehicle.






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