Castel system - Mil grade ruggedized system for naval/ship-borne Control & Command application


The Castel system architected, designed and manufactured by EPS, is a heavy duty processing cabinet equipped with 28 CPUs arranged in two rugged redundant cPCI PCMG 2.16 shelves and with a redundancy switching unit (the Magic Switch) and is serving in extremely harsh under-deck environment approved for Mil-std-810 and Mil-std-461.
Each Castle shelf is an independent 14 CPU processing unit based on standard PCMG 2.16 backplane, 2 redundant 24 port Ethernet switching boards, cage controller board, load sharing PSUs and fan tray.
Cooling is based on front to rear air flow with adequate dust and EMC filtering and splash protection. All connectors are D38999 type.


Main Features:

  • Multiple processing boards
  • CPCI 2.16 switch
  • Segmented CPCI Backplane
  • Extensive I/O interface
  • Controlled backup unit (hardware & software)
  • Comprehensive BIT
  • Custom design Rugged cabinet







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