Project Description

The AV119 is part of ApisSys’ range of High Speed data conversion and signal processing solutions
based on the VITA 46, VPX standard.
The AV119 is fully compliant with the OpenVPX standard, accommodating various communication
protocols such as PCIe, SRIO, 1 Gbit and XAUI 10 Gbit Ethernet, as well as non OpenVPX adopted
standard such as Aurora.
The AV119 combines two 12-bit 2.5 Gsps ADCs plus 2 RF out built on 16-bit 2.5 Gsps I/Q DAC
and RF modulators with ultra-high processing power delivered by Xilinx® Virtex® 7 FPGA, making
it ideally suited for fully synchronous multiple channels test and measurement, Electronic Warfare,
Ultra Wideband Radar Transceivers or MIMO applications.