Avidan rugged Triple cPCI


The AVIDAN TC Rugged Computer system – architected, designed and manufactured by EPS, is designed for heavy duty industrial and military applications where up to 3 independent computers are needed to co-work in a compact 19” and 6U rugged shelf approved for Mil-Std-810. All boards are of standard 3U cPCI form factor while the additional 3U of height is utilized for a powerful and filtered air cooling system with a front to back airflow. The cooling system includes an N+1 redundant fan arrangement. Each one of the 3 computer segments comprises a 3U & 2 slot industry standard cPCI SBC, a Power Supply and 2 slots of cPCI application and/or IO boards. The I/O ports are accessed from the rear while the operational connectors and switches are at the front.

Main Features

  • Rugged 19″ chassis with telescopic rails

  • Three Independent 3U cPCI segments – CPU , PSU, HD, and 2 Interface boards.

  • Interface board types: 16 Serial Interface ports, 64 isolated ports.

  • Mechanically secured Operation interfaces in front and rear.

  • Operating time counter for the entire shelf.

  • Convection cooling with N+1 redundancy, front to back air flow.

  • Operating temperature range: 0 + 50C, optional -30 +60 C