EPS offers special shielding solutions through our in house facility, dispensing conductive gaskets utilizing “form in place” technology.

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“Form-in-Place” technology allows intricate, small cross-section gaskets to be dispensed directly onto any conductively painted, plated, or metallic surface of an electronic enclosure that requires conductive and/or environmental sealing. This cost effective solution offers more than 75 dB shielding effectiveness from 200 MHz to 18 GHz with a potential space savings of 50%.

The dispensed gaskets cure and adheres ‘in-situ’ to form a resilient and reusable EMI/environmental seal. The gaskets cure at room temperature, making the process compatible with plastic housings or heat sensitive components.
Typical applications include cellular phone handsets, ‘shield cans’, communication base stations, connector housings, and complex 3D enclosures.
Various gaskets compounds are used to achieve different degrees of flexibility, or electrical compatibility with the base material on which the gasket is dispensed.

  • Very low material waste.

  • Complex labyrinthine gaskets may be accurately and effectively applied.

  • Rapid prototyping – with short lead times for full production scale up

  • Very short process time

  • Minimum or no initial tooling costs

  • Gasket design change easily implemented.

  • Effective EMI and environmental seals can be achieved in restricted space.

  • A variety of materials may be selected to optimize performance.