Project Description

The EPS-PCM-B-xx is a Rugged 6U, conduction cooled, 500Watts Power supply & Control Module for Ground Mobile applications.
The module provides 250 Watts of regulated power output divided into 28V with 7A, 12V with 1A, 5V with 1A and controlled variable output of 10V to 14V with 3A and 4 filtered but unregulated switched and overcorrect protected outputs of 100Watts each.
The module is equipped with a rechargeable high capacity Battery Pack for power retention of up to 7A for 5 minutes [3AH].
The module integrates features of Power Supply, UPS and Climate Control applications where heaters and fans are operated and controlled. The PCM accepts input voltage range of 16 to 32VDC and is approved for operating temperature range from -40°C to +80°C, EMC per Mil-Std 461 and Mil-Std 1275 and for Mil-Std 810 environment.