Project Description

The FR 331/306-RCx is a 3U OpenVPX™ fabric switch board with a x4 PCI Express™ data plane (VITA 46.4) and a 1000 Base-BX control plane (VITA 46.6) per payload board. The FR 331/306-RCx is designed for use in VPX-REDI PCI Express Backplane environments supporting six payload boards, two additional Ethernet ports and a configuration control interface. The FR 331/306-RCx is suitable for use in centralized switching systems as defined in OpenVPX (VITA 65). The FR 331/306-RCS is a VPX-REDI Type 1 Two-Level Maintenance conduction-cooled board and the FR-331/306-RCT is VPX-REDI Type 2. For non-rugged applications a VPX version, the FR 331/x06, is available. Typical applications include networking equipment, data management and blade-based servers in vertical markets such as defense, communications, medical and automation.