Project Description


VPX 6U Backplane intended for a development environment. 5 Payload slots on 1″ pitch in a distributed 5-slot mesh where each slot is connected to every other payload slot. Backplane profile is BKP6-DIS05-11.2.16-n. Slot Profile for all slots is SLT6-PER-4F-10-3-1
22-Layer design is fully compliant with OpenVPX and VPX Redi requirements. Designed for a development environment but some systems may deploy with this backplane. This backplane contains 5 Payload Slots in a distributed 5-Slot mesh in which each slot is directly connected to every other payload slot. There is no Control Plane or Switch Slot. Power input for each VS(n) rail is 100A for a total input power of 300A. Operating temperature is -40C to +105C.

Main Features:

  • Backplane Profile BKP6-DIS05-11.2.16-n
  • Peripheral Slot Profile all slots SLT6-PER-4F-10-3-1
  • High Performance 22 Layer design
  • Fully compliant with VITA65 and VITA46 specifications
  • 5 Payload Slots of 6U VPX on 1″ pitch
  • Each slot directly connected to every other slot
  • Available with or without RTM connectors