ODEM Field Test System for Yiron


The Odem, designed and supplied by EPS, is a rugged, conduction cooled field tester system serving as a comprehensive testing and fault locating device for the Yiron system. The system comprises the MCPU module (equipped with Intel ATOM® COM-Express), a high density multi port IO and communication board (the IOAD), a control board equipped with high current Solid State switches(the CSB), load simulating devices and a large character alphanumeric display. The system is modular, flexible, and maintainable and is operated by EPS software APIs.

Main Features

  • Full system level design.

  • Hardware development of 3 board types and utilizing 2 Yiron boards

  • Rugged conduction cooled enclosure with EMC protected card cage

  • Wide operating temperature: -30°C + 60°C

  • Intelligent rugged high density IO and A2D functionality, IOAD board

  • Very low impedance Solid State switches, CSB board

  • Hardware timing and temperature protected loads (up to 70A)

  • Intel Atom® COM-Express based processing board, MCPU SBC

  • Custom backplane

  • Large character alphanumeric display for user interface

  • Comprehensive API for application software development

  • Custom backplane.

  • Full qualifications and field approvals

Eps integrated: