Yatir Rugged LAN switch


The Yatir Rugged Switch – architected, designed and manufactured by EPS, is a rugged 16 copper and 2 optical ports, 19” 1U, Layer 2-3 G-Ethernet switch for Ground mobile applications approved for Mil-std-810, Mil-std-461 and Mil-std-704.
The unit incorporates an industrial L3 G-Ethernet managed switch board, aluminium machine milled enclosure, power supply and Mil 38999 circular connectors.
The unit is realized with careful design for heat dissipation, maintainability and assembly supporting process.

Main Features

  • 16 Ethernet GB ports

  • 2 Optical ports

  • Maintenance Port

  • Rugged 1U , 19″ in Aluminum milled conduction cooled construction.

  • Operation Temperature: -20C to + 60C