BAZELET System – Fire Control Unit for armored vehicle


The Bazelet System architected, designed and manufactured by EPS, is a rugged dual CPU control system serving in an extremely harsh armored vehicle environment approved for Mil-Std-810, Mil-Std-461 and Mil-Std-1275. This unit relies on a sophisticated automatic climate control system combining conduction cooling, heating devices and traversing air flow. To withstand the extreme vibration and shock requirements the system implements a double enclosure technology with a floating internal card cage secured by shock absorbers and an external rugged enclosure. The Bazelet card cage supports 6U cPCI dual segment architecture combined with 6U power and climate control backplane. Both backplanes are designed and supplied by EPS. The CPU boards are high performance industry standard Intel Ivy-Bridge® SBCs. The system manages about 500Watts of power dissipation.

Main Features

  • Operating Temperature range: -40°C + 60°C

  • Sophisticated mechanical, dynamic and thermal design tested to extreme Environmental & EMC specification

  • 2 Independent computers

  • Video processing and storage.

  • Multiple I/O serial communications ports

  • Intelligent Climate Control System including fans and heaters.

  • Unique heating & cooling tray module

  • Power Hold-On for managed shutdown of both CPUs in case of power loss

  • Rechargeable high capacity battery pack

  • Combined solution based on ruggedized industrial products , EPS designed boards and backplane.

Eps integrated: