Embedded module TQMa8Xx


Embedded module TQMa8Xx with ARM® Cortex™ A35 based on i.MX8X ARM Cortex™-A35 module with i.MX8X from NXP. Graphic with 4K Support DSP for [...]

Embedded module TQMLS102xA


Embedded module TQMLS102xA with Layerscape LS102xA ARM Dual Cortex™-A7 module with LS102xA from NXP. Graphics Extended temperature range High-Speed communication via 3x Gigabit [...]

Embedded Modul TQMLS10xxA


Embedded Modul TQMLS10xxA The module based on ARM® and QorIQ™ technology opens new frontiers The Minimodule TQMLS10xxA, based on the processor LS10xxA from [...]

Embedded module TQMLS1012AL


Embedded module TQMLS1012AL with Layerscape LS1012A ARM Cortex™-A53 module with LS1012A from NXP. Extended temperature range High-Speed communication via 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x [...]

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